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Albert Handell workshop

Supplies can be purchased at:

Askew Taylor, AC Moore or Michaels, or other online retailers. See info below for purchasing a Pastel supply directly from Albert Handell.

We have broken out the supply list into Oil and Pastel, if you use both, please feel free to bring both!



Paint Colors:
These are the exact colors and brand that Albert uses, BUT he encourages students to bring whatever color and brand you normally paint with, these are just a guideline. Albert uses Windsor Newton paint unless otherwise indicated.

Titanium White
Naples Yellow
Cadmium Lemon
Cadmium Yellow
Cadmium Orange
Cadmium Red Light
Permanent Alizarin Crimson
Yellow Ochre Light
Burnt Siena
Viridian Green
Sevres Blue (Rembrant Brand)
Cobalt Blue
Ultramarine Blue
Ivory Black

Albert also adds a few pre-mixed greys to his palette that he finds very helpful, but they are totally optional!

Holbein #369 Neutral Grey (lightest grey)
Holbein #374 Violet Grey (beautiful light bluish grey)
Holbein #379 Monochrome tint cool (an important middle value grey) or you can also substitute #379 Gamblin's Portland Grey Deep


Select your favorite brushes, the one you use most often and purchase 3 of each. Having these 3 brushes of the same size will help keep your colors clean. One brush will be for darks, a second will be for the middle tone color and the 3rd will be for the lighter colors. This way you can paint more with your favorite brushes without getting muddy colors.
- Red (Pinkish Hue, not Cadmium) Magenta Primary in Acrylic or a Perm Rose color in oil
- Yellow (medium, nothing too light or dark)

Easel & Tray Table:

Please bring a portable floor easel and a very small tray table to hold your supplies, no larger than 14 x 19 (unless you have an all-in-one easel like a Soltec).

At least 6 more canvas or canvas panels in a variety of sizes between 9x12 and 16 x 20. Choose the sizes you are the most comfortable painting on. Albert recommends Source Tek panels, which are Claussen Linen #66 glued to lightweight birch plywood but you can also purchase Centurion linen panels locally at Jerry's.

Please bring the appropriate palette paper and holder for your medium. No paper plates or disposable palettes.

ONLY odorless turpenoid or Gamsol, no turpentine or Liquin. Please bring a container with a lid so you can take remaining solvent home and seal your container each evening.

Paper towels, and wipes.


Apron or old shirt to protect clothes
Notebook for taking notes



Pastel Colors:
If you are using pastels, bring all the pastels that you have. If you are flying bring as much as you can fit in your luggage.

Watercolors for Underpainting (any brand will do):
Payne's Gray
Vandyke Brown
Hooker's Green
Bright Violet Luminous #W375


Bring the paper you like to paint on plus a few lightweight drawing boards (made of foam core or gator board or any other lightweight material).

Albert likes to use the U-Art sanded papers or the equivalent.
Albert prefers the 500 or 600 grits paper, the 12x18 size, which comes in a packet of 10 sheets. The packages also come in smaller sizes if you prefer to work smaller.

Easel & Tray Table:

Please bring a portable floor easel and a very small tray table, no larger than 14 x 19 (unless you have a built in easel like a Soltec).

Albert's Pastel Kit:

Please view the kit on Albert's website and contact Kelly to reserve one for the workshop.


Paper towels, and wipes.
Apron or old shirt to protect clothes

Notebook for taking notes