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Dan Nelson's
Workshop Supplies

Supplies can be found at Jerry's Artarama:

(these are oil colors, if you are using acrylic please substitute the closest color, please avoid purchasing "Hues" except in yellow)

- Warm Blue (pthalo)
- Cool Blue (ultramarine)
- Warm Red (cadmium or crimson)
- Cool Red (Alizarine)
- Warm Yellow (Indian or Cadmium)
- Cool Yellow (Lemon)
- Titanium White
- Burnt Siena
- Raw Umber

Optional Colors:
- purple (any pigment)
- veridian green
- yellow ochre
- any black

Dan will provide acrylic medium and acrylic paint for your underpainting!

Oil medium (if you use oils):
Windsor Newton Liquin

• PHOTOS: Please bring 1-2 photos of a structure you would like to paint, Dan will help you select the best one. Please print the photos out on photo glossy paper if possible and size 8.5 x 11 is best.

• EASEL: Please bring a portable floor or table easel

• Brushes: Bring several sizes and shapes of bristle brushes.
If you bring a large canvas, bring larger brushes! Dan uses filbert bristle brushes. Nothing smaller than a #2 please.

• Canvases: Bring a couple different sizes to choose from.

• Palettes: Either a white acrylic or other type of flat palette, or palette paper

• Paper towels, sponge, floor or table easel and an apron.