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Adult ART Workshop Schedules & Descriptions
(Sorry, no children under 15 or private art lessons)

From Very Beginner to Advanced Workshops Local to Nationally Renowned Instructors !

Coming in 2017: Nationally renowned instructors:

Dawn Whitelaw: Feb 28 - March 2: Creating Beautiful Paintings from Photo Reference
David Shevlino: May 9-11: Expressionistic painting of the figure from Life
John Poon: August 21-25 - Intermediate/Advanced Workshop (like going to Art School in 5 days)
David Dunlop: June 26 - 28 (description coming soon) Painting with the Masters, Old and New Techniques
Kim English: October 25 -27. Narrative Figures - Inside and Out
Nicole White Kennedy - Numerous workshops offered throughout the year

Student Testimonials -
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DIRECTIONS to Nicole's Studio • 719 N. Person St. Raleigh, NC • 919 838 8580
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Paint Your First Oil/Acrylic on Canvas
For Beginners

"Kimberlee really helped with the challenge of painting for the first time. I thought this was a great beginning class!"

If you cannot draw a straight line and have never held a brush...this is the class for you. If you haven't painted for a long time thbis is also the class for you. Anyone who thinks they cannot paint is in for a pleasant surprise! Learn some simple steps to help you feel confident to tackle your first, second and even 3rd oil or acrylic on canvas painting. We will teach you to paint, not just copy the instructor... in ONE DAY!

You will learn the following:
• The essentials of color mixing
• Learn the basics of brushes and strokes
• Basics of drawing with COLOR seeing light and shadow as shapes
• How to keep things loose and avoid complicated detail
• How to build confidence and take the "intimidation" out of painting

• You will be creating your own paintings with personal instruction starting from still life to scenic options

Above: Teacher Demos
Student Paintings

We will work from still life objects and a photo supplied by the gallery. Do not bring your own photos.

MEDIUM: Oil or Acrylic. Check out our supply kit options!
INTENDED AUDIENCE: VERY Beginning students

If you can't make a scheduled date, please email us, we maintain a waitlist and schedule new classes as soon as the waitlist fills... add your name to the waitlist for future classes.

Register/View Cancellation Policy for this class

1 Afternoon Workshop

Friday April 28th, 1-6pm
COST: $115

HOW TO Register

Click Here for Supply List

~ OR ~ For only $48, you may purchase from the gallery OIL supply kit which includes 6 tubes of Nicole's colors, 3 filbert brushes, paper palette and several small canvas boards. ($90 retail value). We do not have acrylic kits available at this time.

The Next Steps - Beyond Beginner,
Building Confidence
Using Oil or Acrylic - with Nicole Kennedy

A great class follow-up class for those who have taken a Beginning Oil or Acrylic class, or someone who hasn't painted in awhile and is feeling "rusty" and needs a refresher.

We've had so many students who loved our Beginner workshops the past couple of years, and everyone asks "what is my next step?" It's this workshop!

In this class we will work with each student individually in the medium of their choice. Many students leave with one or two completed paintings, some of which they even frame....

NOTE: Students will paint from photos typically provided by the instructor to maximize your learning. If you DO bring your own photos...please NO photos of other people's paintings and figurative photos are not recommended for this class

The following topics will be covered:
• How to simplify the subject matter into very basic shapes
• Basic Drawing skills
• A brush up on color mixing
• Getting past the difficult details and learning how to stay loose!!
• More instruction on how to use the brushes and other important beginner techniques

We will provide photos and still life from which students will paint. The instructor will also demo throughout the class

MEDIUM: Oil or Acrylic

Register/View Cancellation Policy for this class

1 Afternoon Workshop

New Date Coming Soon!

COST: $115

HOW TO Register

Click Here for Supply List

~ OR ~ For only $48, you may purchase from the gallery OIL kit which includes 6 tubes of Nicole's colors, 3 filbert brushes, paper palette and several small canvas boards. ($90 retail value). We do not have acrylic kits available at this time.

Painting the Figure with Expression
with David Shevlino

David Shevlino studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (certificate ’84) and the University of Pennsylvania (BFA ’92). His work has been featured in national publications and he has exhibited his work and taught workshops throughout the U.S. He has also produced a series of videos and DVDs about his artwork and painting methods.

"My exposure to art began as a teenager growing up in NJ near NYC. I began making trips to art museums in NYC when I was 15 and developed a love of traditional figurative painting. As a youth I found myself especially drawn to the old masters. Those early trips to the museum instilled in me a love of craft and a sense of where painting comes from. For most of my artistic career I’ve tried to take what I’ve learned about traditional painting and mold it into something I can call my own, which presently means exploring the place between traditional figurative painting and abstraction."

Nicole's Studio & Art Gallery is thrilled to host David's unique workshop where the student will focus not just on painting the model from life, but also explore new techniques to help unleash your creativity by pushing the boundaries between realism and abstract.

Students will start with a loose, quick acrylic underpainting, then work over it in oil paint. The acrylic paint dries with in a few minutes, making it ideal for underpainting. Painting over an underpainting allows for more building up of paint so that parts can be scraped and wiped away to expose the underlying tones and forms. This lends itself to an expressive, more abstract approach, while creating an interplay between tones, forms and color. In addition to brushes, students will learn how to use plastic scrapers to add and remove paint.

David will also cover blocking in shapes, light shadow, values and color application as it relates to rendering the figure throughout the workshop.

We will paint from a live model, both nude and costumed.

Click here to view David Shevlino's website

MEDIUM: Acrylic underpainting, then oils suggested but acrylic painters are welcome too, David will work with you individually on technique.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Not recommended for very beginner students. Please contact the gallery if you have questions about your level of experience.

David Shevlino - 3 Day Workshop

May 9 - 11
Tues - Thurs

9:30am - 4:30pm
$525 - includes model fees

This class is limited to 14 students!

Please email Kelly to sign up for this class

Painting with the Masters, Old and New Techniques with David Dunlop

David Dunlop is a modern day old master whose luminous landscapes draw from both Renaissance techniques and contemporary science. His paintings have been shown internationally and are held in the collections of major corporations from Citibank, Delta Airlines, GE and IBM. He had a PBS Television series called "Landscapes Through Time with David Dunlop" which won a 2009 Emmy Award. David is represented by galleries across the US and is a very highly sought after instructor and lecturer. We are thrilled to host David here at Nicole's Studio!!

David's reputation as a painter who combines artistic skill, knowledge and enthusiasm prompted the Metropolitan Museum of Art to invite him to lecture. Don't miss out on your chance to study with someone whose exhaustive knowledge of painting is also matched with a humble and encouraging teaching style.

This 3-day workshop will have a daily combination of lecture and slides (2-3 hours), demo (2 hours or more, in both oil and acrylic) and student painting 2-3 hours). The following topics will be covered:

Day 1: Painting Reflections, From Shop Windows to Lakes and Streams
Learn how to paint distorted illusions of space, motion and perspective as seen in reflections on water, glass and shiny surfaces like metal, water and glass. Learn how to evoke the complexities of fractured reflections found in moving water, street puddles, lakes, cylinders and spheres (like fruit and ceramics), distortions of perspective found on plate glass windows along avenues. We see how other artists (past and present) painted reflections and their distortions. Demonstrations using oil, acrylics, watercolor and mixed media will be provided.

Day 2: From Representation to Abstraction in Nature.
Learn new strategies to make more believable landscapes and then how to abstract and expand your expression of nature (from deep vistas to intimate gardens). Learn how to apply methods found in jewelry-making like cloisonné, or guilloche techniques in your painting. Learn new ways to design your pictures by borrowing from other cultures and time in oil, acrylics, watercolor, and mixed media. Learn how to apply new insights from psychology and neuroscience to make your pictures more exciting. Your instructor will demonstrate how to evoke movement and space in your paintings in various media.

Day 3: Contemporary landscape painting.
We start in the late 19th century with the blurred, dream landscapes of George Inness, Turner, and Corot. To see how they painted and how they evolved into the Impressionists. Quickly, we move into Cezanne to see how he united the biology of vision to the history of art. Next, we learn how to abstract landscapes as did the late 20th century artists. The demonstrations will present these ideas using new tools, materials and techniques. The demonstration will focus on the new materials and tools which range from Photoshop effects in painting to metal and plastic surfaces, to of over-painting digitally printed material, to new tools like squeegees, brayers, and blowers.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: This class is appropriate for most levels except very beginner. Please feel free to contact Nicole or Kelly if you have questions about whether this class is appropriate for you.

A sample of David's vivid and unique works:

David Dunlop David DunlopDavid Dunlop David Dunlop

David Dunlop

3 Day Workshop
Mon - Wed. June 26 - 28

Please email Kelly to sign up for this class

Please read our Registration and
Cancellation Policy

David Dunlop

Visiting from out of town? Click here for places to stay near the gallery

View David's Supply List

John Poon's Intermediate - Advanced Painting Workshop Develop Several Larger Studio Works in oil or acrylic

" Taking John's workshop is like going to art school in 5 days!" Nicole Kennedy

John Poon is one of the premiere landscape painters and instructors in the USA today. He shows around the US including Legacy in Scottsdale and Walls Gallery at Greenbriar. And now at Nicole's Studio & Art Gallery. Click here to read more about John & view recent paintings here in the gallery. Students who have studied under John can't say enough about his positive and encouraging teaching style.

In this workshop students will work on 1-3 larger studio paintings.

Topics covered include (but are not limited to):
• Translating your subject matter from a small study into a one or more larger studio paintings
• Simplifying by identifying large value shapes
• The value planes
• Achieving atmospheric perspective and effects
• Focal points and movement through your scene
• Brushstrokes and edges
• Light, shadow, color temperature and time of day lighting
• Color harmony & saturation

In this workshop, you will develop two or more studio paintings under John's guidance. John will have a mixture of lecture and demos in addition to student painting time. He tailors each class ratio of lecture to painting time differently based on student experience level.


Please view the Supply List here. Students paint from their own photos in this workshop and should bring plenty of good photos of landscapes, coastal and scenic (no figures or animals). John Poon may also bring some photos to share if the think you need help in a specific area. Bring several canvases from 16 x 20 to 24 x 36.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: This class is appropriate for most levels except very beginner. Please feel free to contact Nicole or Kelly if you have questions about whether this class is appropriate for you.

Visiting from out of town? Click here for places to stay near the gallery


John Poon
One of John's students having an "a-ha" moment

5 Day Workshop

Monday - Friday
August 21 - 25, 2017
9:30am - 4:30pm

$ 650

Please email Kelly to sign up for this class

Registration/Cancellation Policy for this class

JOhn Poon
(One of John's demos from from a previous workshop, in stages)

Kim English - Narrative Figures Inside and Out

"Immediacy is apparent in my work because it is the nature of my subjects, and for me, the most instinctive way to paint. Form and light are critical elements "
-Kim English

This dynamnic workshop will teach you to rapidly capture gesture, light and form. Discover how to paint quickly and accurately, concentrating on the "process" as well as the narrative.

We will have models each day and paint numerous studies practicing techniques for achieving a spontaneous, yet controlled approach. A working palette will be developed simplifying the comparison of color and value, an essential part of making a great painting.

At least one day will be spent outside in the neighborhood surrounding the gallery painting the model outdoors.

This is a class comprised of many studies and demonstrations by Kim, rather than lecture and theory. Kim demonstrates on and off throughout the workshop providing an opportunity to observe how he captures the whole scene in 20 minutes or less. His methods are quick and accurate, keeping the painting fresh and alive.

Kim will be assisting artists individually at their easels. He will challenge you to paint the model(s) starting in 5 minutes up to 20mins by the 3rd day. This process forces the painter to see the shapes and forms and light patterns and not be bogged down in the details or minutiae.

"By the time I finished Day 3 day with Kim English, I had literally painted dozens of studies where I could see a clear improvement. I was finally able to finally capture the whole scene from the model to everything around it in the time alloted suggesting a whole painting rather than just a figure study. I learned a new way to prepare my palette to facilitate quick decisions. By the 3rd day I was exhausted but exhilerated at the same time."
- Nicole White Kennedy

Kim English


Kim English

3 Day Workshop

Wednesday - Friday
October 25 - 27, 2017
9:30am - 4:30pm

$ 535

Please email Kelly to sign up for this class

Kim English

Nicole's Ongoing Intermediate and Up Instruction Wednesday AM

Nicole's Ongoing Wednesday classes are designed for students who have been painting on a regular basis in the mode of realism. It is for students looking for guidance and instruction and are pushing their technical skills and creative goals. Nicole will he happy to critique your finished paintings as well if you want to bring them.

Nicole will work with each person individually and help you consider fresh approaches, creative problem solving and techniques to hone your technical skills as a painter. Color approaches, shapes, values, block-ins, light, shadow, edges, tonal work, accurate technical representation, composition and many other essentials of painting will be emphasized. She will site many other master painters and have art books and materials on hand.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Intermediate to Advanced painters who have taken other workshops at Nicole's Studio or have equivalent experience. Students should be comfortable starting a painting on their own, or making changes to one they have started, understand color mixing and values (lightness or darkness of a color. Representational/impressionistic works are required.

NEW STUDENTS: This class is best suited for students who have at least taken Next Steps level class here or with other instructors elsewhere beyond a beginner level. Nicole asks new students to please send 3 samples of your works email nicole@nicolestudio.com.

Please come prepared with canvases andyour own photos for whatever you are working on. Please don't bring photos of other artist's paintings to copy.

PLEASE NO COMMISSIONS: This class is about your artistic growth, not second guessing a client's needs or tastes, unless the commission is based on your desired outsome and style only.

SUPPLIES: Please come prepared and if you have a portable please bring it with you. Canvases bigger than 30 x 40 bring your own easel, ours won't support it.

Nicole White Kennedy

WEDNESDAY "ONGOING" Creative sessions -in oil or acrylic for intermediate - advanced students and up with Nicole White Kennedy

HOURS: 10:00am - 12:30 pm
$35 per class
4 people minimum

Upcoming Dates:

March - NO CLASS
4/12 - CLASS

Please RSVP via Email BY 3:00 pm on Tuesday nicole@nicolestudio.com
4 students minimum. Nicole will send an email after 3pm on Tuesdays to confirm or cancel the class

NEW STUDENTS email nicole@nicolestudio.com with 3 samples of your art before attending.

The workshops below aren't currently on the schedule, please email
to be waitlisted of you are interested in a future date....

Walking on Water - Learn to Paint the Drama!
with Nicole Kennedy, award winning painter of water

Nicole Kennedy

Nicole has spent the last decade studying the nuances of painting water, recently winning major national awards with the American Impressionist Society and Audubon Artists in NYC.

Water is one of the most important elements to learn how to paint, simply because it appears in so many scenes water creates beauty in a painting like nothing else.

Nicole will share with you some tricks on how to best problem solve a few commom water scenarios that best illustrate the water properties; reflections on a calm surface, a coastal wave and the beauty of transparency in any water scene.

Topics covered include:
• Identifying the deceptive colors and values that make up water
• Creating reflections using simple brushstrokes
• Finding simple abstract shapes that define the water mass
• Determining light effects based on the time of day
• Transparency and the play of shapes

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Anyone who would like to learn to paint water or improve their water scenes (not intended for very beginners)

PHOTOS: Nicole will provide all the photos you need for this workshop so that you can execute 3 different scemarios. If you have a particular scene that you would like to paint, please bring a 8x11 good quality print out of the photo and you can substitute it for your final painting.

Canvases: Various sizes no larger than 11 x 14

MEDIUM: Oil or Acrylic: NOTE: Acrylic painters please being Mat Medium or slow dry medium to this class!!

Click Here for General list Supplies

Register/View Cancellation Policy for this class

Nicole White Kennedy

Walking on Water
New Date Coming Soon!

$ 115

Please email Kelly to sign up for this class

Understanding The importance of Colors & Values to help you create beautiful paintings.
with Nicole Kennedy

After years of teaching, Nicole realized that most of her students, from beginner to advanced struggle with basically the same two issues: color and value relationships.

Value seems like a simple concept; light to dark....until you assign a color to a value and that's when the trouble begins. What value is that bright blue? What is the value difference between the foreground tree to the background mountain? What is the intensity shift? Is the shadow of the boat darker lighter than the water? How much contrast is too much or to little?

In this workshop you will learn to look at value in terms of both absolutes as well as their relationships to other objects. It's the key fundamental to making your paintings more "technically correct".

In the remainder of the workshop you will work on creativity and try to push your paintings from technically correct to creative choices! Once you understand the fundamentals of colors and values, you can then use them in unexpected ways to find your own voice. Dsicover and explore the concepts of creative finesse, and those ever-important final touches that add extra dimension and beauty to the final product.

If you are serious about learning to paint, or have been painting awhile but aren't getting the results you want, this class is filled with "aha" moments! This class is also designed to prepare you to take workshops with nationally renowned instructors!

In Class we will:
• Look at photos to understand color as a value
• Take a black and white photo & paint in color
• Do some color mixing exercises to identify their values (this is fun)
• Learn how to mix high key and low key palettes
• Discuss the importance of colors and how changing one color changes everything else in the painting.
• Learn some creative techniques help bring the painting to life -- brushstrokes, palette knife, etc.
• You will do a small painting (or two) or two using color/value principles to achieve the results you want

MEDIUM: Oil or Acrylic

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Anyone except very beginners, class is best suited for students who have taken Beyond Beginner or other workshops.

Register/View Cancellation Policy for this class

Limoncello -nicole white kennedy nicoloe
Limoncello - Color/Value -
the secret to beautiful art

New date coming soon!

COST: $115

Click Here for Supply List

~ OR ~ For only $48 you may purchase from the gallery a kit which includes 6 tubes of Nicole's colors, 3 filbert brushes, paper palette and several small canvas boards. ($90 retail value)
Please specify whether you prefer oil or acrylic...we have them both!

A cool Exercise - matching colors to their value
Where do colors fall on the value scale? The top row is a black and white color scale. Then we mix assorted colors and place them under the value we THINK they are. Take a photo and convert to B&W and you can see how you did


Painting Fall Foliage at it's Peak en Plein Air
with Nicole Kennedy

While most people know Nicole for her figurative works, she is also an award winning landscape and plein air painter, having been recently juried into Women Painters of the Southeast and National Audubon Artists Org in Salmagundi Club NYC

Students ask..why is it important to learn painting in plein air? Many of us paint from photos but don't realize how far off the colors and values really are. Nicole's opinion is that student's biggest obstacles to painting is from photos that don't capture or "explain" what the scene really looked like!! By understanding and practicing how to paint plein air in the landscape it will make all the difference in your ongoing works and make problem solving so much easier. Artists are amazed at how chasing the light and creating studies create not only beautiful spontaneous works, but will enhance and improve studio works from landscapes to even figures.

Topics include:
• Simplifying the scene into shapes and values
• Creating "block ins" to map your composition
• Establishing the values of a color in realationship to the surroundings
• Understanding the light as it moves
• Learning how to manipulate the scene to bring things forward or push them back, creating atmosphere
• The option of painting a variety of subjects; charming barns, fields, colorful folage, animals, moving water and more.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: This class is designed for any student who has painted before

Students should have a limited palette with these colors or equivalent depending on brand: Ultramarine Blue, Cerulean or Manganese Blue, Alizerin Crimson or Magenta, Cadmium red light or vermillion, Cadmium Yellow, Titanium White. Optional Red Oxide, Cad Yellow medium, Viridian
Click here for Charvin Colors

Plein Air gear includes portable plein air easels, french easels, etc. Students will paint 2-3 studies a day, bring 6 small canvas PANELS from 6 x 8 to 11 x 14 (Nicole suggests Centurion Linen Boards at Jerrys). Palettes approx 9 x 12 - 12 x 16 (many use the stay wet palettes with disposable paper palette with a lid), garbage bags, solvent in a jar with lid, paper towels, water. Acrylic painters please get a Stay Wet palette from Jerry's Artarama and a water spray bottle. A slow dry medium is optional. There are also slow dry acrylics brands.

View the Supply List

Nicole Kennedy

• Historic Oak View County Park
• Falls of Neuse at Falls Dam

Nicole Kennedy

2 Day Workshop
November 2017 Dates TBA

9:30am - 4:30pm

$ 200

(Note: Students who can only attend one day are welcome in this workshop. The cost will be $115, please email: kelly@nicolestudio.com)

Email Kelly to sign up.

NEW! Paint The Town with Nicole Kennedy
Paint your favorite city, town, street, alley, urban style buildings

We all come back from vacations or live in areas that have urban beauty, take photos and then feel intimidated and overwhelmed by the complexities in a city or street scene.

This workshop she will teach the students problem solving techniques and unique approaches translating a street, city or building scene onto canvas without being overwhelmed by details and drawing. There will be some discussion on adding figures as accents rather than focal points.

The following topics will be covered:
• We will briefly go over your photos and pick one that will translate best into a painting
• Discuss composition, cropping and simplifying your scene
• Study the light and shadow patterns to set up your shapes
• Will build the scene onto your canvas in layers and minimize drawing
• Color mixing of all types will be discussed
• Adding Confidence

NOTE: Photos must have some light and shadow areas, not all flat light, exception is a rain scene or a night scene. Nicole can provide photos to paint from.

Nicole Kennedy  Nicole Kennedy

MEDIUM: Oil or Acrylic
Click Here for Supply List

Register/View Cancellation Policy for this class

nicole kennedy

No dates currently scheduled
email to be waitlisted for this class

COST: $115
HOW TO Register

Take the Fear Out of Figurative Painting
with award winning figurative artist - Nicole Kennedy

Nicole Kennedy's figurative painting has made national news.. from her Beach People to the Carolina Ballet, she has been juried into numerous national exhibits including Oil Painters of America Eastern Regional in 2013-2014, Women Painters of the Southeast in 2014 , Salmagundi Club, winning numerous awards along the way. She has received media attention from local to national publications, and her figurative works have appeared in American Art Collector and Fine Arts Commoisseur.

Students will be painting from a LIVE, clothed model during this workshop. Class will start with lines that make up attitude and motion, then use the grisaille method for shapes, values. Finally a long pose with a completed painting. Nicole will also explore attirude and movement with many poses so your figures have a little flair.

Students who have taken this workshop are amazed at how much they learn and are much less intimidated when painting figures!

Topics include:
• Using simle lines to get the structure in place
• Undestanding and using the shapes that make up light and shadow values on the figure
• Getting the proportions correct in your drawings, sketches and painting
• How to use light, shadows and edges to enhance the three dimension of the figure
• Value and color will be discussed throughout the painting process.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: This class is designed for any student except beginners.

Nicole White Kennedy


MEDIUM: Oil or Acrylic, drawing pad and charcoal

Please bring these supplies
• Drawing pad (can be newsprint) no smaller than 12 x 16.
• Some kind of charcoal, like vine charcoal
• At least 2 canvases between 14 x 18 - 16 x 20.
• You may also bring your own paint colors that you use in addition to those on the supply list

View the Supply List

Nicole White Kennedy

(Sample of Nicole's Award Winning Figurative)


No dates currently scheduled, please email Kelly to be waitlisted for a future class

COST: $145 (includes model fee)

**This class has an extra hour of instruction

Register for this class

Faces to Figures with an Impressionistic Flair
with Nationally Recognized Artist Dan Beck
Signature Member Oil Painters of America

Dan Beck at Nicole's Studio workshop

Nicole's Studio & Gallery is thrilled to have Dan Beck return to the gallery annually to instruct a figurative workshop from a live (clothed/costumed) model here at the gallery.

Dan is not only a Signature member of Oil Painters of America, but he won Best In Show in the 2011 National OPA exhibit...arguably the highest honor in representational painting in the US. Dan has been juried into numerous OPA and other national exhibits, won countless awards and has been extensively featured in national art publications. Please visit Dan Beck's website for more info and to artwork

Dan’s workshop will focus on a loose intuitive approach to painting the figure subject, whether the full figure or from the shoulders up, exploring other ways to “see” will be discussed using the painter’s language of line, shape, value, color, texture and EDGES! This workshop helps students simplify intent and learn how to use essential visual elements to give your paintings both direction and the “reason to be”. By helping you to understand and execute the importance of the six elements (mentioned above), your experience in painting the figure (or head) will be enhanced by not only integrating these "concepts", but then giving you the freedom to taking it a step beyond and tap into your intuitive side.

Our workshop participants over the years have enjoyed Dan's open approach, attentive yet laid back teaching style and were amazed at how much they learned. Don't miss out on this opportunity, even if you aren't a regular figurative painter the concepts in this workshop translate to every type and style of painting.

Dan will demonstrate, then students will paint the model as Dan gives individual attention discussing the important 6 elements to painting the figure: line, shape, value, color, texture and edges.

Intended Audience: Intermediate to Advanced painters.
Note: This is not an academic drawing class on "how to" paint the figure. However Dan will work with students on specific drawing or figurative issues handled on an individual basis as needed. While having painted a figure before is helpful, it is not a pre-requisite.

View the Supply List

Dan Beck at Nicole's Studio workshop
Above.. BEST IN SHOW ! Oil Painters of America 2011

3 Day Workshop

No dates currently scheduled, please
email Kelly to be waitlisted for a future class

Dan Beck at Nicole's Studio workshop

From out of town? Click here for places to stay near the gallery or email us at nicole@nicolestudio.co

The Power of Pastels - on Canvas!
with Diana Coidan

Yes, you read the title correctly, you CAN paint Pastels on cavnas! The pastel medium is so unique in so many ways and they can be used not only on paper but canvas as well. Come learn this "hidden secret" of the pastel medium, which is even more durable and rich on canvas in this very informative and fun workshop.

Diana Coidan is not only an award winning pastel artist, but is also a fabulous instructor who can teach to students of any level. Diana's "specialty" as an artist are clouds, water and animal scenes.

In this workshop whe will introduce you to pastels on canvas using water to blend the pastels in a few easy steps. You will feel like you are working in watercolor but with the richness and depth of color of the pastel medium.

Diana will begin with a demonstration of the technique and guide students on their individual paintings from start to finish. If you have an old acrylic painting lying around, you can even bring that painting and Diana will show you how to paint over it with pastels.

Whether you are new to this medium or have some experience already, come discover who are as an artist and let Diana help guide you to your pathway of expression in pastels. This workshop will focus on finding and developing your own signature style. One of the best ways to find your style is to explore new materials and techniques, and if you have never tried pastels you may find this an exciting stop on your painting journey that advances your entire artistic process. This workshop will be fun for participants at all levels!

If you would prefer to paint on paper, please let us know and Diana will provide paper for you and guide you through that process individually. You can paint from your own photo or Diana will provide one for you.

• The fundamentals of the "classical" process of pastel painting - how to apply them while letting your individual style show through, on canvas
• Developing confidence in applying the pastels to the canvas
• The basics of composition and adding drama to your paintings

INTENDED AUDIENCE: This workshop is designed for ALL leves except very beginners who have never painted before.

Registration/Cancellation Policy for this class

Diana Coidan

1 Day Workshop

No dates currently scheduled email
to be waitlisted for this class

Coming again in 2016


View the Supply List
coidan pastels

If you don't already own pastels, or would like to try the really nice kind, Diana will share her pastel sticks with you during class for a fee of $15. It's a great way to "try before you buy" and see the difference between brands.

Painting From Photo Reference with Nationally Recognized Painter, Dawn Whitelaw

Dawn Whitelaw is one of the most accomplished and sought after figurative and landscape artists in the US and considerred one of the top master art instructors today on the national art scene. She recently received the Fine Arts Connoisseur Award of Excellence in the American Impressionist Society exhibit, and received AIS master status. She is also the vice-chair of the Portrait Society of America's Annual Conference (as well as a demonstrator) and she competes in numerous invitational plein air competitions across the country each year.

Dawn is also an amazing instructor!! Incredibly warm and encouraging, she works with students individually to advance their skills and abilities.

Since it's not always possible to paint from life Dawn loves teaching this workshop where the emphasis is learning how to use a photo as a reference while creating a beautiful painting that reflects your personal point of view as an artist.

Students will bring their own original reference photographs, either print or digital. Subjects can be people, landscapes, interior or anything else!

Read about Dawn in: Nashville Arts Magazine.

Class instruction will include lecture, Powerpoint presentations and demos, and will cover the following topics:

• Proportions in drawing the subject on your canvas using shapes and other methods, throughout the entire process
• Extensive lessons on values and color mixing.
• Light and shadow nuances and what is happening where they meet!
• Learning to use the photo successfully to create your painting while still finding your voice and creativity in the finished work
• The importance of edges, brushwork, composition.

Studying with Dawn Whitelaw is a great opportunity for students to take their painting to a new level!

"I have taken from Dawn Whitelaw 3x and each time have had an 'A Ha' moment. that helped me approach my own paintings and style in a fresh new way from portraiture to landscape and even plein air. Much of what Dawn teaches is equally benefial no matter what the subject matter is." Nicole Kennedy

Any level except beginner.

Please bring the following SUPPLIES

Dawn WhitelawDawn Whitelaw

Dawn Whitelaw
Dawn Whitelaw
3 Day Workshop

Tues - Thurs
Feb 28 - March 2

Class is filled: Please email Kelly to Waitlist


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When we saw this painting we realized that Dawn can paint anything beautifully, from 7 year-olds to 747's!

Even an airport layover can turn into a beautiful painting with Dawn in the pilot's seat!

Dawn Whitelaw

Translate your Plein Air Study or Photo Into a Successful Studio Painting with Nationally Renowned Artist Rick McClure
Signature Member: American Impressionist Society, International Plein Air Painters, Oil Painters of America

Rick McClure

Rick McClure is one of the most accomplished painters in the US. In addition to winning many national awards, he is a Member of the following prestigeous National Art Organizations: Oil Painters of America, American Impressionist Society, National Academy of Professional Plein Air Painters....But his skills don't stop with painting, Rick is a very talented instructor and has a knack for "boiling it down to the basics" and conveying ideas in a way students can really understand....in other words his students have lots of "ah-ha moments".

This workshop focuses on taking your plein air studies (or photos) to the next level...translating your "field" work or photograph into a dynamic studio piece while retaining the spontaneity and "honesty" of the source material. This is so much more challenging than it seems...a great class for any representational painter or landscape painter.

McClure's workshop will explore fundamental painting principles that include: Materials, Composition, Values, Shapes, Edges, Color Distribution, and specific Brush Technique. McClure is a master of color "temperature" shifts and focal point brushwork, color hamony and lost and found edges.

Painting with Rick McClure is a great opportunity for all artists from emerging to professional to help create more harmonious and focused results in your paintings.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: This class is appropriate for any level but Beginner.
Rick is very accustomed to working with students at all skill levels. If you are unsure please call the gallery and speak with Kelly or Nicole.

Workshop Supply List

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Rick McClure
3 Day Workshop
with Rick McClure

No dates currently scheduled, email Kelly to be waitlisted for a future class.

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Rick McClure

Bring Your Paintings Beautifully to Life with Oil Painters of America Master (OPAM) Albert Handell
A 5-Day Studio workshop; oils, pastels and all media welcome!

Albert Handell Albert Handell

Albert Handell is an Internationally Renowned artist!

Nicole's Studio is thrilled to announce an August workshop with Internationally renowned artist, Albert Handell. Albert Handell has been featured in over thirty one-man exhibits, received over seventy prizes & awards for his works and has exhibited all over the US. He also has works in the permanent collections of numerous organizations across the country.

Albert has also published five books on his painting and techniques been written up in prestigious magazines and journals including Pastel Journal, Southwest Art, Artist Magazine and American Artist.

Albert is an Oil Painters of America Master Signature Member (OPAM).

This workshop will feature a series of morning demonstrations for the 1st 4 days with Albert that will:

• Show you what to emphasize and what to omit in order to make a strong design statement while working sensibly towards a finish

• Let you see how Albert perfects his outdoor studies and brings paintings to life from photographs of your landscapes and/or still lifes.

• How to use techniques in different mediums to achieve the results you want, including two valuable techniques rarely demonstrated in workshops: glazing and scumbling as well as feathering

• Help you see beautiful landscape paintings brought to life in two different mediums: oil and pastel. Students can paint in ANY medium they choose, but Albert will demo twice each in oil and pastel.

Monday through Thursday Albert will demonstrate a complete work from 9:30 - 12:30. After a short lunch break students will paint in the medium of their choice from 1:30 - 4:30 with Albert providing individual attention at the easel.

On Friday the entire morning will be devoted to critiques and students can bring 6-8 works they have completed previously to receive feedback and critique. Friday afternoon will be spent completing all the works you started in class with your newfound knowledge and more help at the easel.

For more information on Albert and to view some articles featuring him in national art publications, check out his blog: http://alberthandell.com/category/blog

Albert Handell

Handell - Demo in oil (click on images to enlarge)

Albert Handell's
5 Day Workshop

No dates currently scheduled
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Albert Handell
Handell - Demo in w/c underpainting then pastel

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