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Adult ART Workshops Schedules & Descriptions

We are the #1 Gallery for Adult Art Workshops

Discover, Develop & Celebrate the Artist in You

Schedule Overview - scroll down for detailed course descriptions and schedules.

Coming in 2019, National Instructors:

Dan Beck: Painting the Figure Impressionism April 3 -5
John Poon: Intermediate to Advanced Studio Works May 13th - 17th
David Dunlop: Natural Elements and Methods from the Masters
September 11th - 13th
Kim English - Coming Fall 2019

Local Instructors, 1 Day Winter Scehedule Workshops...More to Come!

Kim Maselli: Paint Your First Oil/Acrylic on Canvas for Beginners Friday, May 3rd
Nicole Kennedy: Beyond Beginner, The Next Steps Thursday, March 21st
Kim Maselli: Painting Loose, Vibrant, Creative Florals Friday, March 22nd
Nicole Kennedy: Understanding the Importance of Colors & Values Thursday, April 11th
Jean Grunewald: Make it Better, Make it Fun: Creative Approaches to Refresh Your Paintings Friday, April 12th
Dan Nelson: Using Energetic Brushstrokes Thursday, May 2nd

... and More coming soon

Student Testimonials - Click Here to Read Why We Are #1 in NC for taking a workshop

DIRECTIONS to Nicole's Studio • 719 N. Person St. Raleigh, NC • 919 838 8580
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Paint Your First Oil/Acrylic on Canvas
For Beginners
with Kimberlee Maselli

"The instructor really helped with the challenge of painting for the first time. I thought this was a great beginning class!"

If you cannot draw a straight line and have never held a brush...this is the class for you. If you haven't painted for a long time this is also the class for you. Anyone who thinks they cannot paint is in for a pleasant surprise! Learn some simple steps to help you feel confident to tackle your first, second and even 3rd oil or acrylic on canvas painting. We will teach you to paint, not just copy the instructor... in ONE DAY!

You will learn the following:
• The essentials of color mixing
• Learn the basics of brushes, strokes
• Basics of drawing with COLOR seeing light and shadow as shapes
• How to build confidence and take the "intimidation" out of painting

• You will be creating your own paintings with personal instruction starting from still life to scenic options

Paintings from the Beginner Workshop

We will work from still life objects and a photo supplied by the gallery. Do not bring your own photos.

MEDIUM: Oil or Acrylic. Check out our supply kit options!
INTENDED AUDIENCE: VERY Beginning students

If you can't make a scheduled date, please email us, we maintain a waitlist and schedule new classes as soon as the waitlist fills...add your name to the waitlist for future classes.

1 Afternoon Workshop

Friday, May 3rd
1:15 - 6:15

Email Kelly
to be notified when this class is scheduled

(Oil supply kit available for $53)

Click Here for Supply List

*For only $53, you may purchase an OIL supply kit which includes 6 tubes of Nicole's colors, 3 filbert brushes, gray paper, a disposable palette and several small canvas boards ($100 retail value.) We do not have acrylic kits available at this time.

The Next Steps - Beyond Beginner,
Building Confidence (Oil or Acrylic)
with Nicole Kennedy, AIS

A great class follow-up class for those who have taken a Beginning Oil or Acrylic class, or someone who hasn't painted in awhile and is feeling "rusty" and needs a refresher.

We've had so many students who loved our Beginner workshops the past couple of years, and everyone asks "what is my next step?" or "How do I Get Back into Painting Again?" It's this workshop!

In this class we will work with each student individually in the medium of their choice. Many students leave with one or two completed paintings, some of which they even frame....

NOTE: Students will paint from photos typically provided by the instructor to maximize your learning. If you DO bring your own photos...please NO photos of other people's paintings and figurative photos are not recommended for this class

The following topics will be covered:
• How to simplify the subject matter into very basic shapes
• Basic Drawing skills
• A brush up on color mixing
• Getting past the difficult details and learning how to stay loose!!
• More instruction on how to use the brushes and other important beginner techniques

We will provide photos and still life from which students will paint. The instructor will also demo throughout the class

MEDIUM: Oil or Acrylic

Click Here for Supply List

The Next Steps - Beyond Beginner
1 Day Workshop

Thursday, March 21st
11am - 4pm

COST: $115


Email Kelly
to sign up for this class

For only $53, you may purchase from the gallery OIL kit which includes 6 tubes of Nicole's colors, 3 filbert brushes, paper palette and several small canvas boards. ($100 retail value). We do not have acrylic kits available at this time.

Painting Loose, Vibrant, Creative Florals with Kimberlee Maselli

"This ain't your grandma's still life class and you can leave those tiny little brushes at home!"
- Kimberlee Maselli

In this workshop Kim will teach you to paint fast and loose to create still life paintings that are anything but "still." With Kim's instruction you will use vibrant colors, lively brushstrokes and insteresting compostions to breathe life into your paintings.

Kim will show you how to play with color and style using big brushes, palette knives and other new tools to boldly experiment with on canvas. This class is a great way to energize your paintings and further develop your unique style as an artist.

With reference photos and floral arrangments scattered throughout the class, there will be no shortage of material to inspire you, plus plenty of one-on-one assistance and encouragement from Kim.

Topics covered include:
• The fundamentals of creating floral structures
• Experimentation with big brushes, palette knives and other tools to play with color and style
• Methods for creating a dynamic composition

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Anyone except very beginners
MEDIUM: Oil or Acrylic

kim maselli art workshop
Kimberlee Maselli Floral Featured in
Art Guide Magazine

1 Afternoon Workshop

Friday, March 22nd
1:15 - 6:15
COST: $120

Email Kelly to sign up for this class.

Includes floral arrangements
There will be a 30 min lunch break

Supply list. Please read this carefully and bring all requested supplies!

Dan Beck - Faces to Figures with an Impressionistic Flair
Signature Member Oil Painters of America & American Impressionist Society

BEST IN SHOW! Oil Painters of America 2011 -
Gold Medal Recipient OPA Eastern Regional 2017

Dan Beck teaches at Nicole's Studio

Here are a FEW of Dan's recent accolades!!
Gold Medal recipient of the 2017 OPA Eastern Regional Exhibition. In 2016, 3 national awards: OPA National Exhibition, AIS National Exhibition and OPA Eastern Reginal Exhibition. Gold Medal winner of the 2011 OPA Exhibition. Awards include eight awards of excellence with OPA, 2 consecutive Raymar Art Competition Awards of Excellence, Award of Excellence with Salon International, a first place, a second place and ten finalists with Boldbrush Art competition. Featured articles: “American Art Collector”, “Southwest Art”, “American Artist”, "Art of the West" “Artists on Art"... and so much more...

Dan’s workshop will focus on a loose intuitive approach to painting the figure subject, whether the full figure or from the shoulders up, exploring other ways to “see” will be discussed using the painter’s language of line, shape, value, color, texture and EDGES! This workshop helps students simplify intent and learn how to use essential visual elements to give your paintings both direction and the “reason to be”. By helping you to understand and execute the importance of the six elements (mentioned above), your experience in painting the figure (or head) will be enhanced by not only integrating these "concepts", but then giving you the freedom to taking it a step beyond and tap into your intuitive side.

Our workshop participants over the years have enjoyed Dan's open approach, attentive yet laid back teaching style and were amazed at how much they learned. Don't miss out on this opportunity, even if you aren't a regular figurative painter the concepts in this workshop translate to every type and style of painting.

Dan will demonstrate, then students will paint the model as Dan gives individual attention discussing the important 6 elements to painting the figure: line, shape, value, color, texture and edges.

Intended Audience: Intermediate to Advanced painters.
Note: This is not an academic drawing class on "how to" paint the figure. However Dan will work with students on specific drawing or figurative issues handled on an individual basis as needed. While having painted a figure before is helpful, it is not a pre-requisite.

View the Supply List

Dan Beck teaches at Nicole's Studio

Dan Beck
3 Day Workshop

April 3- 5 (Wed - Fri)
$550 Includes model fees

Email Kelly to sign up, we will request deposit in early 2019.

Dan Beck at Nicole's Studio workshop

Dan Beck teaches at Nicole's Studio

Understanding the Importance of Colors & Values to help you create beautiful paintings with Nicole Kennedy -
Signature Member American Impressionist Society

After years of teaching, Nicole realized that most of her students, from beginner to advanced struggle with basically the same two issues: color and value relationships. Value does all the work... color gets all the credit!

Value seems like a simple concept; light to dark....until you assign a color to a value and that's where the fun (and trouble) starts.

In this workshop you will learn to look at value in terms of both absolutes as well as their relationships to other objects. It's a key fundamental to making your paintings more "technically correct", help you problem solve to get the results you want.

Nicole will also encourage you to use these techinques to help make bolder creative choices especially when you are in control.

If you are serious about learning to paint, or have been painting awhile but aren't getting the results you want, this class is filled with "aha" moments and will also give you the background needed to take a workshop with many of our national instructors.

In Class we will be doing many exercises and paintings!

• Color mixing exercises switched to B&W to identify their values (this is fun)
• Take a black and white photo & creatively paint in color and the reverse
• Learn how to mix high intensity, low intensity colors and more
• Discuss the importance of color/value relationships and how changing one color or it's value changes everything else around it.
• Learn some creative techniques help bring the painting to life
• Basics like drawing, shapes etc are always part of the instruction

MEDIUM: Oil or Acrylic

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Anyone except very beginner

Nicole White Kennedy
The Importance of Color and Value
1 Day Workshop

Thursday, April 11th
11:00 - 4:00pm


*Email Kelly to register for this class

Limoncello -nicole white kennedy Nicole White Kennedy

Click Here for Supply List

~ OR ~ For only $53 you may purchase from the gallery a kit which includes 6 tubes of Nicole's colors, 3 filbert brushes, paper palette and several small canvas boards. ($100 retail value)
Please specify whether you prefer oil or acrylic...we have them both!

Make it Better, Make it Fun: Creative Approaches to Refresh Your Paintings
with Jean Grunewald

Creating a beautiful work of art requires an enormous amount of problem solving, and that process can be frustrating until you learn the tools and tricks that Jean has developed over the years to make it more fun. Jean will share her problem solving tips and tricks and you will leave more prepared to problem solve on your own or between friends.

Making it Better: All of us have paintings finished or in progress that are either "dull" or we have become "stuck" and don't know how to make it better. This class is designed to help students tackle some of the more challenging aspects to fixing a painting, whether flat, dull, or just not as exciting as you had intended. Jean will show you techniques for bringing "pop" back to your piece.

Making it Fun: Jean will start by using a clear film to place over your paintings and paint right on top exploring the the "possibilities" to help you discover excitement. Then you will try it on your own paintings so you can see the change before you actually make it!

Jean will cover many essential painting topics to help strengthen your own technique while making it fun, including:

• How to use color and value to make your focal area pop
• Design, composition, cropping, etc
• Use of values and color to create a stronger more exciting piece
• Brushwork that will add interest

MEDIUM: Oil or Acrylic with Slow Dry Medium

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Any level except beginner

Jean is a member of the Portrait Society of America and has been juried into Oil Painters of America, American Impressionist Society and Women Painters of the South East.

Make it Better, Make it Fun
1 Day Workshop

Friday, April 12th
11:00 - 4:00pm

*Email Kelly to register for this class


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Using Energetic Brushstrokes with Dan Nelson
Abstracting Realism with Energy and Vibrant Transparency

Dan Nelson believes very strongly that "The essence of good painting is making interesting marks with your brush on the canvas". When these marks are made with creative energy and combined with layers of transparent color, the results can be vibrant and magical! You will learn what Dan considers to be the universal principles of painting with luscious and harmonious colors. The goal of this workshop is not to learn to paint “like Dan” but rather how to inject luminous energy into your painting style.

Topics covered include:

• Composition, the key element to creating a successful painting

• Layering with transparency and introducing texture

• How to start with a wild and crazy abstract shape underneath the final product to guide your creativity

• How adding a ‘fuzz layer’ to the painting process to create a more interesting and energetic finished painting

• Gain a better understanding of the complete painting process from start to finish

• Learn the difference between “blah colors” and rich colors

• Understand how painting in a loose manner allows the viewer to complete the image in their mind which provides a greater aesthetic “buzz” than spelling everythig out for them

• Discussion of the difference between a “picture” and a painting

MEDIUM: Acrylic or Oil Medium

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Any level except very beginner

View the Supply List

Using Energetic Brushstrokes
1 Day Workshop

Thursday, May 2nd
11:00 - 4:00pm

*Email Kelly to register for this class

Dan Nelson

John Poon's Intermediate - Advanced Comprehensive Workshop.
Develop Studio Works to Advance Your Level and Master Your Technique

"Taking John's workshop is like going to art school in 5 days!"
-Nicole White Kennedy

Utah artist, John Poon is one of the premiere landscape painters and instructors in the USA today. He shows his works around the US including Scottsdale and Jackson Hole. John was recently featured cover artist Southwest Art Magazine. He travels to Plein Air invitationals around the US and Maui. Students who have studied with John can't say enough about his positive and encouraging teaching style.

In this workshop students will work on studio paintings at each individual's level and speed. Large sizes up to 18 x 24 welcome space permitting. Students will be working from photos, their own or the teacher's.

Topics covered include (but are not limited to):

* Simpify your scene by identifying large value shapes
* Designing your painting and drawing
* Value planes of light, light vs shadow
* Achieving atmospheric perspective and effects
* Focal points and creating movement through your scene
* Brushstrokes and edges, deciding where lost and found edges most effective
* Color mixing, harmony, temperature, saturation, subdued
* The power and importance of composition and design

This workshop is a mixture of lecture and demos in addition to student painting time. He tailors each class ratio of lecture to painting time differently based on student experience level.

Intended Audience:
This class is appropriate for most levels except very beginner. Please feel free to contact Nicole or Kelly if you have questions about whether this class is appropriate for you.

Visiting from out of town? Click here for places to stay near the gallery

Please view the Supply List here. Students paint from their own photos in this workshop and should bring plenty of good photos of landscapes, coastal and scenic (no figures or animals). John Poon may also bring some photos to share if the think you need help in a specific area. Bring several canvases from 16 x 20 to 24 x 36.

JOhn Poon
(One of John's demos from from a previous workshop, in stages)

John Poon -
5 Day Workshop

May 13 - 17 (Mon - Fr)
9:30am - 4:30pm
Cost: $675

Email Kelly to sign up, we will request deposit in early 2019.

John Poon
One of John's students having an "a-ha" moment

Natural Elements, Methods from the Masters with David Dunlop

David Dunlop is a modern day old master whose luminous landscapes draw from both Renaissance techniques and contemporary science. His paintings have been shown internationally and are held in the collections of major corporations from Citibank, Delta Airlines, GE and IBM. He had a PBS Television series called "Landscapes Through Time with David Dunlop" which won a 2009 Emmy Award. David is represented by galleries across the US and is a very highly sought after instructor and lecturer. We are thrilled to host David here at Nicole's Studio!!

David's reputation as a painter who combines artistic skill, knowledge and enthusiasm prompted the Metropolitan Museum of Art to invite him to lecture. Don't miss out on your chance to study with someone whose exhaustive knowledge of painting is also matched with a humble and encouraging teaching style.


David likes to vary the topics covered and approach from year to year to keep the material fresh, but here are the topics covered in 2018 so you can get a feel for his class before signing up:

Day 1. WATER- We learn to paint the illusions of translucent water (lakes, tide pools, vernal pools) with reflections that shimmer and quiver. We consider how color changes in reflections, beneath translucent surfaces, and within shadows. Your instructor will demonstrate all aspects of painting water in oil, watercolor and acrylic. You will learn how past masters like Sargent, Turner and Winslow Homer all painted water and, how contemporary artists are responding to the subject of water.

This first day will also include a capsule history of landscape painting with an introduction to the foundations of landscape paintings palettes, compositions, linear and atmospheric perspective. This introduction takes you across time to show you how artists worked, the tools they used, and how traditions have evolved affecting the way we see and make art today.

Day 2. FLORA - From Meadows to Forests to Gardens: how to evoke the sensation of infinity in a landscape, how to create the feeling of natural complexity in meadow grasses, clusters of trees, rolling landscapes and with intimate images like flowers in gardens or, other natural close-ups. We take you through the mechanisms of visual perception and art history to help you make persuasive flora. We will demonstrate useful perceptual theories in oil and mixed media using watercolor and acrylics.

Day 3. CONTEMPORARY LANDSCAPE PAINTING. Modern landscapes begin in the 19th century. We move through tonalists to Impressionists to Cezanne with his ideas uniting the biological vision to art history. We follow the evolution of landscapes through abstraction and their emergence in expressionism and abstracted forms. Your instructor will demonstrate these movements as well as the adoption of new tools, materials, and techniques used by 21st century landscape painters.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: This class is appropriate for most levels except very beginner. Please feel free to email Nicole or Kelly if you have questions about whether this class is appropriate for you.

David DunlopDavid DunlopDavid Dunlop

David Dunlop

David Dunlop
September 11 - 13 2019 (3 days)
9:30am - 4:30pm
Cost: t.b.d.

Email Kelly to sign up, we will request deposit in early 2019.

David Dunlop

Visiting from out of town? Click here for places to stay near the gallery

David Dunlop

The workshops below aren't currently on the schedule, please email
to be waitlisted of you are interested in a future date....

Kim English - Narrative Figures
Inside & Outside the Studio -
Kim English is a nationally reknowned artist, Signature Member, AIS, OPA, PAPSE. He is known for his beautiful narrative figures in the environment. Kim is represented throughout the US, featured in countless national art magazines.

kim english at nicole's studio

"Immediacy is apparent in my work because it is the nature of my subjects, and for me, the most instinctive way to paint. Form and light are critical elements "
-Kim English

This dynamic workshop will teach you to rapidly capture figurative gestures, light and form. Discover how to paint quickly and accurately, concentrating on the "process" as well as the narrative.

We will have models each day and paint numerous studies 3 minutes, 5 minutes then 10 and 20+ minutes on the last 2 days. You will be practicing capturing the gesture using a controlled approach by focusing on painting shapes that make up the figure/scene rather than "drawing" and coloring in the lines. A working palette will be developed simplifying the comparison of color and value, an essential part of making a great painting.

One day will be spent outside in the neighborhood surrounding the gallery painting the model outdoors.

This is a class comprised of many studies and demonstrations by Kim, rather than lecture and theory. Kim demonstrates on and off throughout the workshop providing an opportunity to observe how he captures the whole scene in 20 minutes or less. His methods are quick and accurate, keeping the painting fresh and alive.

Kim will be assisting artists individually at their easels. He will challenge you to paint the model(s) starting in 3 minutes up to 10 and 20mins by the 2nd/3rd day. This process forces the painter to see the shapes and forms and light patterns and not be bogged down in the details or minutia.

"Prepare to go out of your comfort zone. By the time I finished day 3 day with Kim English, I had literally painted dozens of studies where I could see a clear improvement. I was finally able to capture the whole scene from the model to everything around it suggesting a finished painting, quite a feat in 10 mins. I learned a new way to prepare my palette to facilitate quick decisions and most important to paint with SHAPES (not lines.) By the 3rd day I was exhausted but exhilerated with my mixed results.
I recommend this workshop for artists/ students who are comfortable with pushing yourself beyond the comfort zone, serious about learning and knowing that your results will have a wide range."
- Nicole White Kennedy

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Recommended intermediate and up. Please contact the gallery if you have questions about your level of experience.


Kim English

Kim English - 3 Day Workshop


Email Kelly to be waitlisted for a future date.

Kim English

Kim English

Dawn Whitelaw - Developing Your Style
& Creativity, studio workshop from photos

Dawn Whitelaw recently received the Fine Arts Connoisseur Award of Excellence in the American Impressionist Society exhibit, and received AISM master status. In 2018, she judged the awards for the AIS 2018 National juried exhibit. She is also the vice-chair of the Portrait Society of America's Annual Conference and she has competed in numerous invitational plein air competitions across the country each year, gathering awards along the way. Dawn's versatility as a master painter from landscapes to portraits and her encouraging teaching style make her bar none one of the most sought after instructors in the United States. Studying with Dawn Whitelaw is a great opportunity for students to take their painting to a new level!

Read about Dawn in: Nashville Arts Magazine.

"It's not just that Dawn is an amazing instructor (a master from landscapes to portraits) she also has encouraged me to explore new ideas and help mastering creative approaches towards problem solving that can overwhelm any artist. All this aimed at developing my own style and direction."
- Nicole Kennedy

Class instruction will include demo, lecture, Powerpoint presentations, and easel to easel instruction. The application Procreate is used as an aid to communicate ideas from instructor to student. Artists will paint from their own original photo reference.

Following Topics will be discussed:

• Finding your personal voice as a painter
• Moving from "replication to creation" when using photo reference.
• Tips on composition, color mixing, color harmony, brushwork and edges are presented daily
• Included with the class is 4 weeks of free online mentoring with Dawn as a follow up after class to follow up with projects started in class.

Any level except beginner.

Supply List

Dawn Whitelaw - 3 Day Workshop

Email Kelly to be notified when this class is scheuled again


Visiting from out of town? Click here for places to stay near the gallery


Dawn Whitelaw

Walking on Water - with Nicole Kennedy

Signature Member American Impressionist Society,
Women Painters of the Southeast

Learn to Paint the drama and variety in the art worlds most beautiful and elusive subject... water!

Below - 3 variations on water: waves, soft reflections on moving water, ripples
Nicole Kennedy

Nicole has spent a career studying the nuances of painting water, winning major national awards around the US from the American Impressionist Society to Women Painters of the Southeast.

Water is one of the most important elements to learn how to paint, simply because it appears in so many scenes creating beauty in a painting like nothing else.

Sometimes we can feel frustrated translating beautiful and dramatic water scenarios to your canvas. Nicole will share with you how to simplify a few commom water scenarios; reflections on a calm surface, a coastal wave and the beauty of reflections on rippling surfaces.

This is a fast paced class and students will do 3 painting studies each on these different topics. You will be amazed at how you will tackle these aspects of water!

Topics covered include:
• Discussing the variations on water; still, reflections and motion
• How painting the shapes of a wave will suddenly bring it alive
• Creating softer reflections on slow moving streams
• Painting the beautiful abstract shapes and colors of moving ripples
• Nicole will instruct tbhroughout on all aspects of painting, including colors mixing, shapes, values and brush work in this workshop

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Anyone who would like to learn to paint water or improve their water scenes (not intended for very beginners)

PHOTOS: Nicole will provide all the photos you need for this workshop
3 Canvases or canvas panels : suggestion: 8 x 10, 9 x 12, 11 x 14 (the largest)

MEDIUM: Oil or Acrylic: NOTE- Acrylic painters please bring a staywet palette/paper available at Jerry's Artarama and other art stores!!

Supply List

Nicole Kennedy - Walking on Water

1 Afternoon Workshop

Email Kelly to be notified when this class is scheduled again

Nicole Kennedy

Take the Fear Out of Figurative Painting
with - Nicole Kennedy
Signature Member American Impressionist Society,
Women Painters of the Southeast

• 1st Day students paint from a live, costumed model
• 2nd Day students apply what they learned and paint from a photo of a figure. This format will help you learn how to improve your figures, especially when you only have photos as reference

Nicole Kennedy's figurative painting has made national news and awarded her "Signature member of the American Impressionist Society." With her figurative works she has been juried into numerous national exhibits including American Impressionist Society, Oil Painters of America Regional, Women Painters of the Southeast in 2014, winning numerous awards along the way. She has received media attention from local to national publications, including American Art Collector and Fine Arts Commoisseur.

Students who have taken Nicole's figurative workshops are amazed at how much they learn and are much less intimidated when painting figures! The focus of the workshop is not on faces or portraiture but rather the dimensions of the entire figure.

Topics include:
• Using simple lines and technique to get the structure and attitude warm-up exercises
• Understanding subtle skin tones from a live model, which come in handy when painting from a photo
• Understanding and shapes that make up light and shadow values on the figure
• Getting the proportions correct in your drawings, sketches and painting
• Value and color will be discussed throughout the painting process.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: This class is intended for anyone other then very beginners

Nicole White KennedyNicole White KennedyNicole White Kennedy
Nicole paints figures from life in the gallery


MEDIUM: Oil or Acrylic (oil a little better for certain exercises but can use acrylic if you prefer)

View the Supply List

Nicole White Kennedy
Girl in Orange Skirt (painted from photo) exhibited in the American Impressionist Society, also featured in Amercican Art Collector and Wrightsville Beach Magazine

Take The Fear Out of Figurative
2-Day workshop with Nicole Kennedy


Email Kelly to be waitlisted for a future date.

Paint the Town and other Perspectives
with Nicole Kennedy - Signature Member American Impressionist Society, Women Painters of the Southeast

We all come back from vacations or live in areas that have urban beauty, take photos and then feel intimidated and overwhelmed by the complexities in a city, street scene, village or any scene with a structure.

This workshop she will teach the students problem solving techniques and unique approaches translating a street, city or building scene onto canvas without being overwhelmed by details. And about drawing perspective and angles... Nicole hates formulas and has a method SO much simpler! There will be some discussion on adding figures as accents rather than focal points.

The following topics will be covered:
• We will briefly go over your photos and pick one that will translate best into a painting
• Discuss composition, cropping and simplifying your scene
• Study the light and shadow patterns to set up your shapes
• The easier way to do perspewctive and angles
• Will build the scene onto your canvas in layers and minimize drawing
• Color mixing of all types will be discussed
• Adding Confidence

Photos must have some light and shadow areas, not all flat light, exception is a rain scene or a night scene. Nicole can provide photos to paint from.
MEDIUM: Oil or Acrylic Click Here for Supply List

1 Afternoon Workshop

Email Kelly to be notified when this class is scheduled again

Nicole White Kennedy Kennedy

Atmospheric Watercolor with JJ Jiang

"As an oil painter, I have always loved the fluidity of watercolor. In this workshop I learned a tremendous amount of technique, layering, transparency, blending and losing edges, a little magic. Watercolor gave me the freedom to try things I was too timid to try in oils but also how it applies to my oil paintings helped me make some fresh approaches" Nicole Kennedy

JJ will begin with a brief introduction to watercolors and do a painting demonstration for 1 - 1.5 hours, from a photo reference. Focus will be given to the wet-on-wet technique of watercolor. The focus of his lecture during the demo will be on the following topics:

- Shapes and Edges - creating beautiful shapes, Values, Colors

After JJ's demo students will have the remainder of the class time working on their own painting from a photo while JJ provides one on one instruction tailored to your level. JJ will provide the photos to paint from and the focus will be on a landscape that includes an architectural element.

JJ Jiang is an awarding winning artist and respected art instructor. A gifted and classically trained artist, JJ possesses solid foundations in drawing, perspective and colors. Though accomplished in watercolor, he is a versatile artist - excelling in drawing, oils, Chinese brush painting and with a variety of subjects including landscape/urbanscapes, human figures and portraits, and still life.

His in-depth understanding of both Eastern and Western cultures gives his art a fresh and surprising look while adding depth and poetry to his teaching. JJ currently lives in Cary, North Carolina and is the founder and director of the Village Art Circle Studio and Gallery in the heart of downtown Cary.

To see more of JJ's work go to his website, www.JJJiang.com.

MEDIUM: Watercolor. Invited also are artists in any medium who want to try watercolors

Supply List

1 Afternoon Workshop

Email Kelly to be notifed when this class is scheduled

Using Dramatic Color & Bold Brushstrokes to Loosen Up your Paintings ...large canvas welcome!
with Catherine C Martin

Have you ever looked at your paintings and felt they seemed flat or had no pizzaz? No matter your subject matter, this workshop will help you add drama and confidence to your brushstrokes and give you the tools to control vibrant color while balancing harmony.

National award winning artist/instructor Catherine Martin is well known for her dramatic brushstrokes and vibrant palette. Her distinct style and extensive instruction experience will give you the tools to create impactful paintings that delight the eye! In this workshop Catherine will share her secrets and help you loosen up and have fun.

Topics covered include:
• How to control vibrant colors and using different values of the same color.
• Using a variety of interesting brushstorkes for different effects
• Controlling brushstrokes and color for harmony...not chaos
• Simplifying your subject into shapes for accurate color, values and drawing
• How to LOOSEN UP your paintings, because no one ever says "I'd sure love to paint tighter"!

Cathy Martin

1 Day Workshop

Email Kelly to be waitlisted for a future date.

Painting Outdoors, Capture the Beauty en Plein Air with Nicole Kennedy

While most people know Nicole for her figurative works, she is also an award winning landscape and plein air painter, having been recently juried into Women Painters of the Southeast and National Audubon Artists Org in Salmagundi Club NYC

Students ask "Why is it important to learn painting in plein air?" Many of us paint from photos but don't realize how far off the colors and values really are. Nicole's opinion is that students' biggest obstacles to painting is from photos that don't capture or "explain" what the scene really looked like!! By understanding and practicing how to paint plein air in the landscape it will make all the difference in your ongoing works and make problem solving so much easier. Artists are amazed at how chasing the light and creating studies create not only beautiful spontaneous works, but will enhance and improve studio works from landscapes to even figures.

Topics include:

• Simplifying the scene into shapes and values
• Drawing your structure with the least amount "drawing"
• Identifying your light and shadow shapes then blocking in color
• Establishing the values of a color in realationship to the surroundings
• Predicting the light as it moves
• Learning how to manipulate the scene to bring things forward or push them back, creating atmosphere

INTENDED AUDIENCE: This class is best for students who have painted before and can mix basic colors



• Day 1, landscapes, structures, trees, fields
• Day 2, water, more landscapes, reflections, etc

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NEW - Unleash Your Creativity Using Palette Knife with Oil and Coldwax - Nicole White Kennedy, Signature Member American Impressionist Society, Women Painters of the Southeast

Nicole has spent a career studying the nuances of painting with texture and vibrancy, winning major national awards around the US, including being awarded Signature Member of the American Impressionist Society.

Using a palette knife adds intrigue and gesture to many works creating effects from subtle to obvious that you cannot achieve with brush alone. Adding a Cold Wax can extend your palette knife/oil mixture enabling creative techniques for scraping, underpainting, losing edges and other interesting methods of expression and enhancing your works. The palette knife technique is also a great way to add life to an old (unvarnished) painting that's "missing something".

Topics covered include (but are not limited to):
• Students will start with a small 8x10 painting to loosen up and get a feel for the palette knife technique.
• Using a 16 x 20 canvas students will start with an oil or acrylic underpainting, just enough to get the "structure down"
•Using a palette knife with oil paint and some cold wax we will use techniques such as "scraping into your underpainting"
• Then we will work on building layers from think to thick, discussing what proportions of oil versus cold wax medium to use
• Students will get the "feel" and ability to discern which areas need more texture and which areas need to be scraped down to lose edges and bridge between realism and abstract
• The basics of oil painting will be covered throughout; shapes, values, color, edges and focal points.

This workshop is a mixture of lecture/demo in addition to a lot of student painting time. The gallery will provide all the cold wax medium you need for this class.

Intended Audience:
This class is appropriate for most levels except very beginner. Please feel free to contact Nicole or Kelly if you have questions about whether this class is appropriate for you.

Supply List

Nicole White Kennedy LEFT: Nicole uses cold wax with oil and palette knife to give this older painitng a new life, creating lost edges and a more abstract element.

RIGHT (BOAT) : Nicole used cold wax medium mixed with oil to achieve the texture in the boat portion of this painting to make it appear like one can touch it and climb in. It was juried into the American Impressionist Society's annual exhibit in 2015.

(GIRL) - Using palette knife and Cold wax can make a little go a long way with cool layering effects in this 48 x 48 canvas!

Supply List!!

NEW - Unleash Your Creativity Using Palette Knife with Oil and Coldwax with Nicole Kennedy

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Nicole White Kennedy

Three Approaches with the Oil Landscape
with Nationally Renowned Artist Rick McClure

Signature Member American Impressionist Society, Oil Painters of America, numerous plein air organizations in the US

Rick McClure

Ask any accomplished painter if there is one best approach to painting a successful oil landscape and the answer should be "No".

Most of the time, different scenes can best be rendered using an approach unique to that particular subject. In this workshop we will explore 3 unique approaches used to render 3 different landscapes in OIL. All of these approaches will cover the fundamentals of painting and provide students with successful problem solving skills.

Each session includes an instructor lecture and demonstration along with a through explanation of that session's approach, followed by student painting with individual guidance. The first two days you will be painting from a photo of one of Rick's completed painting, this will help you learn to simplify the subject matter. The third day you will paint from an actual photo and apply what you have learned about simplification.

The three different approaches will require specific materials and substrates (under- layers) and these materials will be carefully outlined in the supply list. Students will be painting from photo references provided by the instructor.

Rick has honed this particular teaching technique through his studio lessions in Oklahoma City and receives rave reviews! You will leave with a solid set of skills and techniques under your belt that you can immediately begin to apply your own works.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: This class is appropriate for any level but Beginner.
Rick is very accustomed to working with students at all skill levels. If you are unsure please email kelly@nicolestudio.com and we will advise you on whether the class is appropriate for you. Due to the subject matter this workshops is for oil painters only.

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Rick McClure

(NOTE: CLASS DATE IS POSTPONED, please email Kelly for further info.)

Rick McClure - 3 Day Workshop

Wednesday- Friday
(postponed )
9:30am - 4:30pm

Rick McClure

Pastel Techniques - Paper to Canvas
with Diana Coidan

Signature Member Pastel Society of America and of North Carolina

This fun-filled, informative workshop will enrich your experience with pastels and engage you in the process of painting with this incredibly versatile medium and all its capabilities.

Often referred to as "pigment in a stick", this dry medium can be applied to both paper or canvas and this workshop and in this workshop you can choose either surface! Come find out how durable and rich pastels can be, especially if you have never tried them on canvas.

Diana Coidan is not only an award winning pastel artist, but is also a fabulous instructor who can teach to students of any level. Diana's "specialty" as an artist are clouds, water, boats and animal scenes.

You will be introduced to pastels on paper techniques to pastels on canvas using matte medium or water in a few easy steps. When blended, pastels can deliver new types of contrast in finish and texture according to the brushability and character of each pastel. On canvas, you will feel like you are working in watercolor or acrylic but with the richness and depth of color of the pastel medium.

Diana will begin with demonstrations of the technique and guide students on their individual paintings from start to finish. If you do have an old acrylic painting lying around that needs a little more spark and attention, please bring that with you. Come discover who you are as an artist and let Diana help guide you to your pathway of expression pastels. One of the best ways to find your style is to explore new materials and techniques, and if you have never tried pastels, you may find this an exciting stop on your painting journey that advances your entire artistic process. This workshop will be fun for participants at all levels except for very Beginner painters.

Diana will supply 9x12 Uart Pastel Paper. Please bring larger than 9x12 foam board to put under the paper and an 8x10 canvas or larger. Several if you prefer.

• The fundamentals of the "classical" process of pastel painting - how to apply them while letting your individual style show through, on canvas
• Developing confidence in applying the pastels to the canvas
• The basics of composition and adding drama to your paintings

This workshop is designed for ALL levels except very beginners who have never painted before. If you have painted in another medium but want to try Pastels for the first time, this would be a good class for you!

Registration/Cancellation Policy for this class

Diana Coidan

Pastel Techniques Diana Coidan

*Email Kelly to be waitlisted for a future date for this class

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coidan pastels

If you don't already own pastels, or would like to try the really nice kind, Diana will share her pastel sticks with you during class for a fee of $15. It's a great way to "try before you buy" and see the difference between brands.

Diana CoidanDiana Coidan

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